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Life is like a game of chess – whether you’re the king, queen or pawn, at the end of the game everyone ends up in the box. Unless, of course, you get cremated. Morbid? Depressing? Dark? Though discussions on death are not usually number one on our conversation list, I was invited to the Southbank Centre a few weeks ago to speak on the topic “what happens next?” In an auditorium filled with coffins and somber lighting, I shared some thoughts on the logic of life after death. Living in a communit

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Question: The Supreme Lord is quoted as paraṁ satyam (the Supreme Truth). But then we see Krsna saying to Mother Yashoda that He has not eaten the clay. Is He saying a lie or is it the truth?

He is saying a lie. Krsna can lie, that we all know.

Question: But then how is Krsna called paraṁ satyam?

Yes, He is the Supreme Truth and the Supreme Truth can also lie. But the lying is only for enjoyment. So it is not that it means that the Supreme Truth is not the Supreme Truth. Krsna is still the Su

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