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We are afraid to make chanting our number one priority in life because of the fear of failure.

Chanting Hare Krishna can be the most humbling experience, especially if we make it the most important goal of our life. Krishna is inaccessible to the conditioned souls; those who are not qualified won’t get access to Krishna’s intimate association. He reserves the right of not being exposed to the conditioned souls. Thus chanting can expose us to our own disqualifications; chanting can reveal to us

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Rules Srila Prabhupada’s Lived By

Don’t blindly follow until you can follow blindly
Question everything. If it is false, leave it; but if it is true surrender to it.
“You must test the spiritual master for one year. And when you are convinced that here is a person I can follow blindly, then you accept.”

Live your why
Know your purpose and deeply connect with it. Never deviate from you mission and enroll others to help you fulfill it.
“My mission is to save human society.”

No personal agenda

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