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It is that pure devotional service that can completely satisfy the heart. Therefore, it is attractive. And therefore, the sankirtana devotee has absorbed himself in drinking this transcendental nectar. He is relishing it and then whatever is overflowing from his genuine enthusiasm, he is trying to hear about Krsna, to glorify Krsna, to serve Krsna – bhaje Krsna bolo Krsna kore Krsna sikha! Chant the Holy Name of Krsna and follow the teachings of Krsna. And when all that absorption if there, the

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6812078852?profile=RESIZE_584xI do not usually cover the topic of disrespecting vaishnavas, as in one sense, it is a distasteful topic. I do not like to discuss all the unpleasantness of vaishnava-apradha as it is not filling our hearts with great happiness. To make vaishnava-apradha the focus of spiritual life is also not what it is about. Our lives must be dedicated to devotional service. Let us just think day and night about expanding our devotional service and about expanding the mercy of Lord Caitanya in all directions.

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Let us join together to hear from the very experienced Kirtan leaders from London as they reaffirm the Purpose #4 of ISKCON (To teach and encourage the sankirtana movement, congregational chanting of the holy name of God, as revealed in the teachings of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu)

About the Team

Radhika Ranjan Das

Full time working professional who has been practicing Bhakti from a young age. Much of his time is spent in sharing kirtan with diverse audiences. He is a core manager for Kirtan L

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