real independence (2)


During our residence on this planet, humanity has experienced many horrors- slavery, apartheid, concentration camps and many other nasty histories. Many countries celebrate independence from foreign subjugation, which were in many cases far from peaceful. Thus we can see what can go wrong when we become dependent on selfish leaders- Exploitation. Exploitation may be gross or subtle. People fear exploitation, but in general, we find exploitation everywhere. Some people are exploited and these sa

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Real Independence!

Every year, we celebrate Independence Day - a day when we salute our National flag, sing our National Anthem, rekindle our patriotic ardour to commemorate freedom from slavery, freedom from being ruled by another State or Nation, feedom from physical labour and bondage.

On this ocassion, we need to question ourselves, what is the deeper significance of the word 'Independence'?  How should we practically imply this word so that it can factually transform our lives and we start experiencing act
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