offering to srila prabhupada (3)

6636081094?profile=RESIZE_584xOne day you asked me not to cook for you, saying, “You can see that I can’t eat anything. Still, why are you cooking? You have so many things to do. Why are you wasting your time cooking for me?”

I told you, “I cook, hoping that someday you will feel better and would like to eat something.”

You replied, “I will get better only when I leave this world.”
I broke down crying. In a very soothing voice you said, “Is this what you learnt from me? Is this what I taught you? Didn’t I say, didn’t I teach

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Gour Govinda Swami offering arati to Srila Prabhupada after his installation in 1991


namo om visnu-padaya

krsna-presthaya bhutale

srimate bhaktivedanta-

svamin iti namine


namas te sarasvate deve


nirvisesa sunyavadi-



Srila Prabhupadaji Maharaja ki jaya! 

It is the causeless mercy of Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga that I came here to meet you all, I am very happy at such causeless mercy of Guru and Gauranga. Unless one gets such mery, how can one cross

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