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Making Krishna’s Joy Our Joy


By Shauna

“In the material world everyone is thinking how they will be happy. In the spiritual world, everyone is thinking how Krishna will be happy.” -Jayapataka Swami.

We’re here to find the highest goal, and our bodies are temporary, so why would that goal be to give ourselves happiness? I’m not saying we shouldn’t try to be happy, I’m simply saying the highest happiness is found in giving happiness to others. If we relate this to the gunas, tamasic happiness is finding joy in hurting others

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It was just a busy beehive at 1626 Pie IX Boulevard, the centre for Krishna Consciousness. The sun was shining, and the humidity was on. At the intersection of Sherbrooke and Ste. Laurent, The chariot, a handsome piece of craftsmanship built and owned by Abhay Charan, a local devotee, was all in spiffy decorum and ready to roll, and not rock, on Ste. Laurent.

First, coconuts were to be smashed on the streets, a ritual for purification. A priest from the platform of the chariot came down hard w

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Joy and Feelings by Bhaktimarga Swami


A splendid day kicked off with strong sadhana at the temple including a Bhagavatam class outlining how self-realization can truly take off by way of the nostrils. Such was the case for the adorable four Kumara sages. They caught a whiff of the fragrant Tulsi (sacred green), which were found at the feet of Vishnu. From there on those boys excelled in their devotion.

Our group of Bhakti Academy, along with Ajamil and I, made our way to Queen’s Park once again, this time under an old horse-chestnu

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Joy in Quebec by Bhaktimarga Swami


While it was June 4th in Noida, India, the morning, I was delivering a class to students during my evening, several hours behind the day before. It was my second time giving a Zoom call to this group in what they say is an “Energy Class” and the topic was “Who Is Crazy?” It was fun, and the simple answer to the question is that we all are more or less crazy; based on the premise that we believe we are the body when in fact my identity is that of a spirit soul. Let’s leave it at that.

Mahadeva a

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