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Culture are subtle forces or activities which condition or influence how individuals think and behave in every facet of their life; culture largely depends on a country’s or group’s conviction and purpose for existence (belief system); ones convictions are largely formed by knowledge or education (ideas or wisdom); therefore, we can conclude that knowledge and education changes culture, which then ultimately translates to changing individuals behavior and thus their destiny. In Bhārata-varṣa, I

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I had the opportunity to visit Mauritius for a few days along with a few devotees from Goa. I am sharing my experience of being in this small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean for those who haven't had the opportunity to be here. Mauritius is very much like India or more specific, very much like Goa but it is definitely more beautiful than Goa. 


One of the most striking feature of this place that really stands out is the colour of the ocean here. The crystal blue, transp
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