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During the questions and answers sessions, I read the following quotes from Caitanya Bhagavata. When I was asked for the references, I said I would post them in a blog. For those who are interested, here they are:

Sri Caitanya Bhagavata, Madhya Khanda, Chapter Five

TEXT 140-141

vaisnava-himsara katha se thakuka dure
sahaja jivere ye adhama pida kare

visnu pujiya o ye prajara pida kare
puja o nisphale yaya, ara duhkhe mare

What to speak of being envious of the Vaisnavas, if one causes pain to

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Lord Caitanya thought, “My name is Visvambhara, ‘one who maintains the entire universe.’ Its meaning will be actualized if I can fill the whole universe with love of Godhead.” Thinking in this way, He accepted the duty of a planter and began to grow a garden in Navadvipa. Thus the Lord brought the desire tree of devotional service to this earth and became its gardener. He sowed the seed and sprinkled upon it the water of His will. (Cc. Adi 9.7-9)

Lord Caitanya thus addressed the multifarious vari

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