Let's See Whose Brain Is Washed!

Let's See Whose Brain Is Washed!

-Do you mean brain washed?

-Yes, exactly! They all seem like brain washed.

And they told it to me right to my face.

We were 3-4 classmates sitting together in our open elective course "Culinary Science". The talk went on about ISKCON, about worshiping Krishna. But it started with that they told me to clean onions. I told I won't touch, and requested to do other things. Then one Indian boy surprisingly asked, what was wrong with onion. I told that onion gives bad qualities; it is in the mode of ignorance; we can use it as a medicine but not as a daily food. He said that without onion meal is not meal…
Then talks went on accepting Guru. I told that Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita that we have to find a Spiritual Master and inquire Him about the Absolute. Then girl told:
-         No, you know? We do not worship anyone except Krishna – God. We respect Srila Prabhupada but we do not worship Him. But you do so, and we do not accept it.
I again told that in Bhagavad Gita Krishna says us to worship Guru as He Himself. Maybe in writing I can use strong words but in the real life if I do that I start to cry or to become similar with tomato. So could not dare enter into discussion. Tried to smile and to be seen calm but from inside wanted say and defeat them. But sometimes if person does not understand you or does not respect you he won't listen to you, and you will loose your time. I do speak to those people who have at least little faith and really need help.
Then talk finished with she spoke to a boy that we – people in ISKCON do not know much about Krishna and philosophy because of that follow it as fanatics.
-         You know, they do know very little, but we know much. And we know that Self Realization means to know yourself from within. No need to go to some Guru and ask him. I also worship Krishna.
Then in between class I interested about her daily life: what does she do at home, does she cook, clean, what does she eat…
She told that she does anything at home. Mother cooks, mead servant washes, cleans, she goes out with her friends, sometimes plays with her aunt's children, watches TV, eats non vegetarian, onion, garlic…
     Now let's see whose brain is washed and whose not!
For this day World population is nearly 7 billion people.
From those:
Each day die 25 thousand people because of hunger – it is equal to the whole population of Cook Island; or more than the whole population of Palau.
Each year die 6 million children under age 5 – which is equal to the whole population of Paraguay;
Each year over 32 million abortions – which is equal to the whole population of Morocco;
Each year 300 thousand mothers die at the time of birth – which is equal to the whole population of Maldives or Iceland;
Each year over 1 million 300 people die because of HIV/AIDS – which is equal to the whole population of Estonia;
Each year die over 6 million people because of cancer - which is equal to the whole population of Tajikistan;
Each year die over 3 million people because of smoking - which is equal to the whole population of Albania;
Each year die over 2 million people because of alcohol - which is equal to the whole population of Slovenia;
Suicide 8 thousand people - which is near to the whole population of Tuvalu;
Per day die over 130 thousand people and per a year 43 million - which is near to the whole population of Ukraine;
Each year world spends for illegal drugs 301,000,000,000 $
Obese people in the World are 6 million – more than the whole population of Denmark;
Money spent for obesity related diseases is 378 000 000 $;   
      Money spent for weight lose program 151 000 000 $;
25 % of money from annual household income Indians spend for food. If the average annual salary is 288,666 INR =$5,900 then 25 % is 1475 $. Let's say that husband earns this sum and he has 2 more people in the family: wife and a child. In this way 3 people use per month 123 $ and per day 4$; each person 1.3$. Per day we need 157,551,448.6$ in order to feed 1,210,193,422 people of India which is spent money for weight lose program in USA = 151, 000, 000$.  Or 574, 236, 778, 739 $ per year which is equal to the two years expenditure which is spent for illegal drugs.
In this way if everyone becomes Krishna Conscious following 4 regulative principles of a human life:
-not meat eating;
-no gambling;
-no illicit sex;
-no intoxication;
 We would be protected from unneeded expenditures and diseases:
-     Annually 301,000,000,000 $ which is used for drugs.
-         If all Americans became vegetarian, it would free enough grain to feed 600,000,000 people (the population of India).
-         Obesity is rare in vegetarians, obesity is related to many diseases.
-           Vegetarians have a 40% reduced level of cancer than the general population thought to be because they have a higher intake of vitamins A, C & E.
… there would not be hunger; people would cultivate non violence and there won't be much murder; food nutrition would be rich; cows would be safe and there would be enough milk, butter…; people would not sit before TV's and loose their time and health but to serve to the society and to live healthy life; children won't be die in the wombs; …
To follow all those 4 regulative principles is possible only by chanting the Holy Names of Lord Hari:
Now, decide whose brain is washed and whose not! It is food for thinking for You!
Open your black eyes wide!
Spit to your false pride!
Who is right who is not see!
Harry up! Get on time mercy!
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  • Hare Krishna Mataji...
    Please accept my respectful obeisances...
    Amazing research...
    Thank u for this...Eye opening article
  • Volunteer

    Hare krsna mataji,

    wonderful article ... simply wonderful...

    may be will use this to teach my frnds..


    rakesh rosha

  • Hare Krishna;
    100% right, this message should be spread all over world. Good work.
    Lord Gopal Shower their blessings on krishnabhaktin,
  • Volunteer
    :-) Hare Krishna dearest Devotees!
    thank You for Your kind words and inspirations! Only by the mercy of Devotees and Guru, Krishna we are able to do something insignificant in order to help the mission of Lord Chaitanya and followed Srila Prabhupada!
    All glories to Harinaam!!!
  • Jai Sri Radhe!! This one here is a eye opener every one should read this it will really help we the humanity to build a better world for ourselves by just foolowing the principles of true devotion, I am totally convinced by your awesome deduction! So happy to be your friend and to be able to read such nice things!!! Haribol :)
  • Hare Krishna Mataji, seems like seeing the mirror, i was also like this few years back, thought that we can directly directly worship Krishna, we do not want Guru to  help, guide and bless etc. In fact sometime had very bad thoughts about guru also (because had heard and read so many wrong things about false gurus). i am so thankful for all the grace and blessings of devotees which brought me into Krishna Consciousness and smashed all such wrong thinking of mine. Mataji please remember me in your prayers so that i can keep growing my my faith in KC, and find my Guru to be initiated by him.

    Hari bol

  • Haribol Mataji. Very inspiring article.

  • Volunteer
    Hare Krishna dear Prachi Shah Mataji! PAMHO!
    sometimes it seems no hope for such like people, but Lord Gouranga is drank God, for Him nothing is impossible. He is ready to do those things which Krishna Himself won't do. As like Narada Muni told to a boot - maker that His Lord is crossing an elephant through the sewing needle. We will pray for them and we will try to be like parrots repeating Guru Paramparas' words and some day they will listen us by the mercy of Lord who is in everyone's heart.
    yet, we also were similar to them before ;-) but Devotees attracted us by their good, friendly qualities.
    Your servant,
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