Krishna talked to me one day.............

No one makes my bed
I stand up on my head
I sleep wherever I please
I walk with the dead

I am not of this world
This world is from me
I am not enslaved by it
I have let it go free

I can be anywhere I want
In the planet of your choice
I can do whatever I want
I can even be your voice

Do you hear me calling you
I am in your heart forever
I love you and always will
Love you now and forever

Fear was something I knew
Before I met myself
Now fear knows me and runs
I shine all by myself

Darkness disappeared forever
wherever I tried to look
For my eyes were shining bright
With this wonderful inner light

I have seen Krishna come
Silently around my head
He lit up my mind one day
With his immortal thread

Life giving waves of light
filled my every breath
When Krishna visited me
He helped me conquer death

I dare not say I am equal
I have just learnt to stand
I hold the mobile phone
and Mala devi in one hand

Krishna disappears from sight
the moment I open my eyes
So I close them tightly again
And so, eternal time flies

These eyes cannot see him
yet they distract me much
Simply chant harinaam
Haribolo yehi hai sachh

I try not to disturb him
He has so many others to see
I wait patiently for my turn
Beside the silent kadamba tree

My bhava is of wonder
at the sight of such splendour
Which krishna shows me
each time I bow in surrender

Jai Sri Krishna Chaitanya Prabhu Nityananda,Sri Advaita Gadadhara,Srivasadi Gaura Bhaktavrinda!

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