Krishna helps in amazing way

Krishna helps in amazing way

Laguna beach temple, USA - History 1980

In 1977, an article in the local paper announced that the city was going to fine ISKCON for having religious services in a commercially zoned building.

“One day, an Iranian gentleman dropped by,” Shuddhi recalls. “He said, ‘I read about your predicament and I have just the opposite problem! I bought a property for commercial purposes, but they told me it was zoned as a church. So what do you say I give you the church, and you give me the commercial building, and then we’ll both have the buildings we want!’”

The trade was made, and devotees moved into the current building on Legion Street.

Headed by then temple president and well-known kirtan singer Agnideva Dasa, they converted the church into a temple, and acquired Deities. They even transferred bricks from the old building that Srila Prabhupada had walked on so that it would be like he had been at the new temple too.

Devotees from ISKCON Los Angeles, which has had a sister relationship with Laguna for many years, helped, and on Gaura Purnima 1980, the new temple was officially opened.

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