ISKCON Shravanam Week Announcement

Books are the Basis


On 13th August 2020, we celebrated the most auspicious appearance day of our beloved and respected Srila Prabhupada. Every faithful follower of ISKCON certainly wishes to have Srila Prabhupada present in his or her life, always. In this regard, we are reminded of the following excerpt from a press conference that was held on July 16, 1975, San Francisco:
Reporter (2): What will happen to the movement in the United States when you die?
Prabhupāda: I will never die.
Devotees: Jaya! Hari bol! (laughter)
Prabhupāda: I shall live forever through my books, and you will utilize.
ISKCON Ministry of Education has embarked upon the Project – “Books are the Basis”.
Our vision: Srila Prabhupada books are the most widely read books in the world.
Our mission: To significantly increase the daily reading of Srila Prabhupada books amongst ISKCON devotees.
For the first time in the history of ISKCON, the leaders are being requested to dedicate their efforts for one whole week, 3rd September to 9th September 2020, towards encouraging the resident and congregation devotees to increase their daily reading of Srila Prabhupada’s books. By 26th August 2020, we will dispatch an information package to ISKCON leaders and centers around the world. This will provide resources that will aid in the celebration of the “Sravanam week” in their respective center. Some of these resources are already available at
Often, we get overwhelmed with many services and may not even realize that it has been a while since we immersed ourselves in the nectar of Srila Prabhupada’s books. To help us refocus, the Ministry of Education has collaborated with HG Vaisesika Prabhu for an interactive webinar on “Be a Sage, Page by Page” that will be held at 7 AM (PDT), 22nd August. I urge, request, beg your participation. The details and registration link follows:
** Books are the Basis. We have all heard this and the importance of reading books! Do you want to take your life to the next level by developing an inspiring reading habit?
Do you want to learn practical ways to manage your time, avoid distractions and nourish your life through Srila Prabhupada's divine books?
If yes, Register now for an inspiring and practical webinar with H.G. Vaisesika Prabhu as he reveals secrets to upgrading your life through reading Srila Prabhupada's books.
Oh and make sure you share this with all your friends and family, coz sharing is caring! Let's build a strong society through Srila Prabhupada's books.**

Tapana Mishra dāsa.
Executive Director
Ministry of Education, ISKCON

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