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ISKCON Croatia – Continuity of Communication Success

By Govindananda das

Communication achievements within ISKCON Croatia – such us meeting the country presidents, government officials, city majors and other VIPs – significantly exceed the expectations which initially were put on such a small team of communication devotees we have around the Zagreb temple (Nova Jaladuta) in Croatia.

The most recent communication activities were connected to the continuity of keeping good and mutually supporting relations with the Indian embassy after a new ambassador to Croatia was appointed. During last 3 years the relations evolved to such a degree that we have been present not only at all official events of the Embassy, but also had much of personal unofficial dealings. For the Zagreb Ratha Yatra which started for the first time 3 years ago, the Embassy turned to be our major and crucial support.

After a new ambassador came, the ISKCON communication team was one of the first groups meeting him. Traditionally, we as ISKCON representatives also attended the celebration of 70th Republic’s Day of India in Sheraton, Zagreb.

ISKCON Zagreb Communication team

Devarsi Narada das, Govindananda das, Isvara Puri das


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