Food for London


This is London in 2020 as hundreds desperately queue for a meal

These pandemic days give us a golden opportunity to push the mission of Lord Caitanya.

The Watford Kitchen / the Jagannath Kitchen, will be a great resource.

Please feel free to enjoy the devotional experience, your service will be eternally appreciated.

Need cooks, devotees chopping veg, baking cakes, delivering Prasad, a bicycle team for delivering door to door for those in isolation.


https://foodforalluk. com/volunteer/

“the Krsna consciousness movement vigorously approves this practice of preparing food, offering it to the Deity and distributing it to the general population”

With food poverty and homeless on a serious increase, so many people struggle to get food on the table and 3 million school children in the UK going to school with no breakfast. Let’s do something amazing.

£200,000 has been invested on the equipment by Rameshbhai’s charity “God my silent partner.” it will be an incredible kitchen, all high tech equipment. Chapati making machine, massive ovens.

It will have the capacity to produce 15,000 healthy meals daily.


Unit S, Penfold Trading Estate, Imperial Way, Watford WD24 4YY We will still keep Krishna’s Castle in operation at the same time.

Services include cooking, chopping veg, loading containers, distributing, cleaning, etc .

All done accordance to safety and government policy


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