Community of Russian devotees in Vrndavana

The Vrndavana-dhama: Vaisnava-seva community for Russian-speaking devotees continues its work in Vrndavana.
Our goal is to serve you as best as possible and make your experience of staying in the holy dham and communicating with it the most inspiring and memorable for you.
Those of you who repeatedly come to Sri Vrndavana-dhama know how often you needed someone’s help, but you could hardly get it.
Where to stay? What service can you get in the Temple? How to book a taxi or plane or train tickets? How and where to get medical help? Is it possible to visit some special holy place? What do you need to know in order to engage in ministry and live in the holy dhama for a while? How and where to get the information you need, etc. Especially many problems arise in the event that you do not speak English.

Therefore, in Vrndavana, the Community of Russian-Speaking Devotees “Vrndavana-dhama: Vaishnava-seva” was established and operates. In the very name of the Community, the main meaning of its existence is laid: the service of Vaisnavas.

Among the many objectives and objectives of the creation and activities of the Community, such as:

– Organization of a meeting and placement of Russian-speaking devotees in Vrndavana;

– Provision of information required during your stay in Vraja;

– Assistance in registration of registration, wills, invitations, passports and other documents in the Russian embassy in Delhi and FRO, Mathura;

– Caring for the elderly and sick devotees;

– Care for children, organization of children’s programs, holidays, leisure;

– Social programs: organization in Vrndavana of a boarding house for elderly devotees; charity programs, the organization of an international Friendship Festival in Vrndavana, in Mathura and Radha Kunda;

– Organization of spiritual programs, festivals and holidays;

– The organization of the help in carrying out of holidays, festivals and programs in the Krishna Temple Balaram Mandir and in personal service in the Temple;

– Organization of translation and listening for Russian-speaking dedicated lectures on “Srimad-Bhagavatam” and other programs;

– Organization of pilgrimages and special parikram on Vrndavana, Vraja Mandala and India in general.

Your participation

The existence and activities of the Russian Community “Vrndavana-dhama: Vaisnava-seva” in Vrndavana is impossible without the participation of every devotee.

Our main goals are the joint ministry and spiritual progress in Krsna consciousness, in such a favorable place as Vrndavana Dham.

And the results of devotional service performed in Vrndavana can not be comparable to anything in all three worlds!

Therefore, we invite all of you to participate in the development of the Russian-speaking Community “Vrindavana-dhama: Vaisnava-seva” in Vrndavana, which can be expressed in any forms convenient for you. Your practical help, service, practical advice, donation, or just a sincere prayer for success will help us all together to create the wonderful atmosphere of Vaisnava Seva, which is very dear to Srila Prabhupada, Lord Gauranga, Sri Sri Radha Shyamasundara and all devotees. We need the help of translators, cooks, leading kirtans, preachers, pujari, doctors, artists and architects, builders and managers, as well as any devotees who would like to participate in the development of the Community and in the implementation of its goals and objectives.

Please, address directly to the members of the Russian Center Committee on contact telephones listed on this Site.

We are happy to serve you, we are happy to serve with you in Vrindavana Dhama.

Your servants, the Council of the Russian Community “Vrndavana-dhama: Vaisnava-seva”:

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  • Hare Krishna 

    I think, this is a very good initiative to help devotees from Russia.

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