Chanting with a Backing by Bhaktimarga Swami


It was with great satisfaction that I conducted a Kirtan Standards course along with the Bhakti Academy students. The feedback that I received from this three hour interactive workshop/presentation were words like “informative,” “educational” and “clarification on things.” It was felt that before these students develop some habits regarding Kirtan (chanting) that fall in the realm of divergent, why not get it right in the beginning?

It was the founder-acarya of the movement, Prabhupada, who establish standards for when we are engaged in the culture of chanting. He once said there are two drums, or mridangas. One is the literature that goes far and wide and the other is the incarnation of sound vibration, or God in sound.

The idea behind this kirtan course is to know the mood, the execution and the preservation of its sanctity. Chanting, after all, is at the heart of the movement. Sharing this treasure with integrity is the mandate of all followers of the ISKCON movement. Somehow or other, we are meant to deliver the goods and those goods are the pure sound of mantra. There is a need.

Have you all heard some of the music of today? Some of it is not very enlightening for sure. It’s time to offer an alternative and that alternative has the backing of sages and saints from ancient times.



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