Care and Caution by Bhaktimarga Swami

8861050291?profile=RESIZE_400xWith care and caution, “Govinda’s Restaurant” is up and going again. And with its self-imposed Covid restrictions for some days its management was determined to re-open after the break. The facility, which is open only for takeout, is located under the quarters where I stay. Sri, the hands-on (gloves-on) personnel on the ground, stirs around in preparation for customers. Better still, we’ll call them recipients of prasadam, food that’s blessed. There’s a spiritual benefit on top of the nourishment. It’s a win-win.

Management has also determined a hike in price by two Canadian dollars. That is defended by going rates in town. Okay, so that makes it all relevant with its well thought out decision behind it.

Renovations that were also halted at the temple (we’re all under the same roof at 243 Avenue Rd.) have reconvened. Out pops Vallabha Hari and his wife Michello, both from Croatia, at the side door, just in front of where I was walking, en route to the park for a break from the chair indoors.

I had been listening, through Zoom, to a presentation on the Bhakti Community, a particular approach to the essence or core of our very Krishna consciousness. I really like the language used in the presentation. It’s current, relevant, relatable.

Another call through Zoom channeled the topic of a Senior’s Home project. It was very promising.


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