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    Our Lord God Krishna

    is often referred to as the complete Incarnation.

    He is also an Ideal in all respects. 

    Following are the highest ideals He established and functions He performed during His life in this world.


    Shri Krishna would behave in a manner so as to make His parents, Vasudev and Devaki, as well as His foster parents, Nanda and Yashoda happy.


    Shri Krishna would respect His elder brother Balarama.


    Shri Krishna kept all His wives happy ! Even Narad’s efforts were frustrated when he tried to create strife amongst them.


  • Hare Krishna,

    I wish you all success in Krishna Consciousness.
    May Lord Krishna always bless and protect you
    and bestow His mercy on you and may He fill
    your life with

    peace and love;

    harmony and wisdom;

    simplicity and humility;

    appreciation and gratitude;

    patience and perseverance;

    kindness and generosity;

    compassion and forgiveness;

    courage and enthusiasm;
    devotion, dedication and determination.

    With love and best wishes. 
    Take care.


  • Hare krishna kaman asan
  • Hare Krsna , pranam mataji 

    thnx 4 accepting my fnd request n sending me lord's blessings

  • hare Krishna ! thank u for accepting my friend request

  • Volunteer
     Pranam Dearest Devotee.  Hare  Krishna.
    May you receive transcendental blessings and grace
    and mercy; health and strength  and  understanding;
    peace and love; harmony  and  wisdom;  insight  and
    intuition and inspiration from the God of Gods; the
    Lord of Lords; the King of Kings; the God of love; the
    Original Bhagavan; the  Supreme Personality of Godhead,
    Lord Krishna. I offer my respectful obeisances unto Him.
    To love yourself is to deeply appreciate yourself for the
    person you are. You accept all the parts of yourself with
    deep appreciation, with unconditional love. Never put
    conditions on yourself. Your body is yours and you are
    more than your body. You are a spiritual being. You have
    great qualities within you like love and bliss and knowledge.
    Simply by loving yourself unconditionally, all good things
    that are within you will become manifest, and you have so
    much to give to the world. May Lord Krishna grant you success
    in Krishna Consciousness and protect you and fill your life
    with simplicity and humility; appreciation and gratitude;
    patience  and perseverance; kindness and generosity;
    compassion and  forgiveness; courage  and enthusiasm;
    devotion, dedication and determination. With love and best
    wishes, take care, bye. Radhe Radhe.
  • Hare Krishna. Thank You mata ji

  • Hare Krsna Mataji.. Hari Hari...
  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna, dandvats. Please accept my humble obeisances, All glories to Srila Prabhupada. I wish you all the best in Krishna consciousness, Radhe Radhe, Gauranga, Hari Bol!

  • Volunteer
    Pranam My Dearest Soumita das Chakraborty. Hare Krishna.
    May you be blessed with the shelter of the God
    of Gods, the Absolute Truth and the Primeval cause
    of all the causes of the creation, sustenance and
    destruction of the manifested universes, Lord Krishna.
    His Mother Yashoda saw within His mouth the complete
    opulence of the creation. She saw the entire outer space in
    all directions, mountains, islands, oceans, seas, planets,
    air, fire, moon and stars. Along with the moon and the
    stars she also saw all the elements, - water, sky, the
    extensive ethereal existence along with the total ego
    and its products, namely the senses, the controller of
    the senses, all the demigods and the objects of the
    senses like sound and smell. Within His mouth Mother
    Yashoda also saw the three qualities of material nature,
    all living entities, eternal time, material nature, spiritual
    nature, activity, consciousness and different forms of
    the whole creation. Mother Yashoda could find within
    the mouth of her child everything necessary for cosmic
    manifestation. She also saw within his mouth herself
    taking baby Krishna on her lap and having Him suck
    her breast. Upon seeing all this, she became struck with
    awe and began to wonder whether she were dreaming
    or actually seeing something extraordinary. With love
    and best wishes, take care, bye.  
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