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  • Hare Krishna! How are you doing? Pls keep in touch. Bye. Haribol!
  • Hare Krishna! This is indeed a colourful page. Amazing I must say. Love it. It bursts in KC. I will visit again just for the view alone. May Lord Sri Krishna bless you. Srila Prabhupad ki jai!

    Your servant,
  • Wish you a very Happy




    bless you and your family have with his Love
  • Thank u my friend,when I looked in your page,Isaw amazing Krishna,s foto ,first was beautiful Krishna,s face who really touch my heart.
  • Hare Krishna,

    thank u for adding me in ur friend's lit
  • Sribalaram purnima happy ....balaram purnima india krishna religious
  • Jhulan Leels krishna radha
  • hari bol,prabhuji,same as me many difficulties came to my life,it has not finished but i changed my mind totally from there ,i am very happy that if that problems has not came in my life ,how could i eagerly love and believe my thakur ji,i am more closer to Him,He is helping me a lot in the marg of bhakti,i has given my hand to Him,He will never do anything,be strong,have faith on Him,u are a true devotee ,nothing will be happen to u.may God bless u with His mercy.hare krishna
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