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  • Hare Krsna mataji,thanks a lot for such a humble blessing,i will pray for that i will always get the association of your that i can serve the Lord Krsna from my pure heart.I am feeling so lucky because just I open this site n my account and got firstly yr mail and watch it.- Hari BOL

  • hare krishna mataji sry for late reply ys-devashish

  • Pranams and dandavats Maa

    Hare Krishna

    Maa Your trancedental videos are source of inspiration.

    Please keep on engcouraging us.

    repeated pranams and dandavats at Your feet

    Yours obediently

    Govinda Dasa


  • Jai Jai mataji. Blessed 2 hear from U.

  • Thnx mataji 4 ur blessings.
  • Hari Bol,


    thanks a lot for the nice videos.


    Radhye radhey

    your servant


  • haribolo,thank a lot for yr blessings,at this moment of my life i only need lots of blessings of the devotees ,hare krishna
  • Hare Krishna Mataji. Sorry for the delay. I checked the email just now.
  • Hare krsna... thank you its lovely
  • Hare Krishna ! Wish you the same ! Thanx Padmavati mataji.
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