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  • ..radhe krishna..
  • Hare Krishna,
    I would like to invite you to join our vaisnava Group:
  • yes mata ji u r right

    even while taking food

    if ur mood is good food is tasty
    if ur mood is bad food is not tasty :)
    power of mind
  • hare krsna.. dandavats pranam...
  • "Just like a tree when overladen with fruits becomes humble and lower down; similarly, a great soul in Krishna Consciousness becomes humbler than the grass and bowed down like the fruitful trees."
    > Prabhupada Letters :: 1970.
    > Hare Krishna!!!!
  • hare krsna,
    Krsna's luv is scattered everywhere..and u r trying to pick it up...well,
    learn the techniques to save it inside u...taste it...and nice profile....ur servant, chandan 4m ISKCON Guwahati
  • such a lovely pictures
    Krishna's Love Has NO Limit. Krishna's Grace Has No Measure. Krishna's Power Knows No Boundaries. May U Have Krishna's Endless Blessings Everyday.
  • hare krishna..
    its nice to see ur profile. Very attractive profile. You are progressing very nicely. Well, thanks for being my friend. My mother was also from chawla family b4 her marriage.
  • Hare Krishna. Thank u for accepting my hand of friendship.
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