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  • Hare krsna, Though as devotees we should honour the prasadam which has been offered to the lord krsna, we should also remember that we are part of this mundane society. We straight away cannot reject the prasadam offered to other demigods. What i was told is that just pray lord krsna and honour it.

    Please note that because of attitude of many devotees, iskcon devotees in general are treated as separate sect by society and people are trying to avoid them. Please remember that our aim is to each one preach one. When we separate ourselves from others how is this possible. Not only for preaching, we may have to approach non devotees (or devotees of demigods) for Book distribution or laxmi for temple seva or others. We should not isolate ourselves from those people.

    This is my opinion!!!

    Hari hari bol..
  • Its better to PASS IT to someone. (I didn't mean "distribute")

    Don't disrespect it either.

    Simply pass it to somebody. OR Place it under the tree/plants.


    -Told to me by one devotee.

  • it is said in bhagavatham, there is only 1 and that is narayana(krsna). All that you see in this world are narayana. Even if you take a rock and think of it as narayana, it will become narayana.


    As such there is no argument of any sort on this food offered to demigod and so on. All come from narayana as such it should not be a debate on whether to accept it or not unless you are not seeing god in everyone and everything.


    It is difficult but with practise you could do that. read bhagavatham.



  • rebecca mataji till the time your family member wont have krsna parsada they wont became a krsna consious.Praying for journey back to godhead will be better/best prayer,Food which nourish soul along with body is better.Chant and be happy
  • Bhagved Geeta is a universal law book"patram puspam fhalam toyam"goes for all even demigods accepting any thing which is not offered to the lord is a sin.Thus demigods doesn't accept anything which is not offered to krsna.Therefore there is no thing as demigods parsadam.
  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    I'm thinking practicably until someone with better knowledge rectifies my thoughts.


    If I was offered food that was offered to demigods, I would assume that the Demigods are part of Krishna's energies.  Yet before they consume anything they themselves offer Bhoga to Krishna.  I doubt that the Demigods themselves will touch the food offered to them.  Afraid to increase sin from enjoying which is not theirs to enjoy. So, you have a choice.  


    Personally.. my choice would be to not partake of the prasadam, if I could prevent it. As for Christian God, I'm clueless.


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