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  • Hari Bol.
  • Its totaly depends on you how many days would you take for your visit to both Mathura as well as Vrindavan.


    In hurry: 1 day

    In Relax: 2 days

    In Devotion: Infinite days.


    I don't think you need any hotel to stay there when you have a car or taxi as travelling charges would be cheaper than hotel with relax at home.

  • Hare Krishna!!

    If you are asking for Mathura just from Delhi, then its always "No Problem"

    Its hardly 150 kms from Delhi and you can hire a taxi or number of Uttar Pradesh Roadways Buses are ready round the clock from Kale Khan Bus Terminal.

    Bus takes 3 hours(including 20 mns break in route) from Kale Khan, whereas the taxi will cover the distance only within 2 hours. But remember the traffic jam in peak hours near Badarpur Border.


    But I'll prefer the Taxi (these are also available in varieties such as Radio Taxi, etc).

  • Hare Krishna!

    First of all sorry for not attending your mail in time due to heavy workload and also not opened my page.

    Yes, Mathura temple is wonderful, beautiful and excellent as I would like to comment, if asked so.

    Very pleasant atmosphere with number of devotees in small groups moving in circle with chanting the words "Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare!

    Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare!!"


    Just ask to me, and I'll be available like a tourist guide.

    Thanx for having so much love for Lord Krishna.

    HARI BOL !!!!!



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    Pranam Charu. Hare Krishna. Take care, bye.
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