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  • Hare Krishna Prabhu! How are you doing? Please keep in touch. Bye. Haribol!
  • Hare Krishna Prabhu! All glories to Srila Prabhupad! All glories to Guru and Gauranga! Thank you for your msg. Sorry for the delay in replying as I was tied up with work. I hope you are doing well and that your students are happy too.

    Yes I understand what you mean that parents are concerned about their childrens study and give spiritual life less or no importance at all. They fear that their children will be too engrossed in spiritual/devotional activities and neglect their studies resulting in no future for them. But this can be balanced with proper guidance. Furthermore it also very much depends on the parents committment to spiritual realization. If they are the secular type then the chid will barely be spsiritually inclined. Its also their karmas.

    In less than 3 weeks my students will be going for their final exams. So I am busy completing the revisions and marking the courseworks. There will be 2 weeks break in December and then the new sem begins in 2009.

    So how was Kartikka prabhu? Mine was ok. I managed to offer a lamp daily to Lord Damodara and recite the Damadorashtakam. It was good. Currently I am chanting 8 to 10 rounds daily. I hope to keep that up and improve furfther. Please bless me for this endeavour to be successful.

    Well thats all for this msg. I look forward to your association soon. Take care. Bye. Haribol!

    Your servant,
  • Hare Krishna Prabhu!

    Thank you for your nice msg. A belated Diwali and Govardhan Puja blessings. Hope you had a very significant celebration. Mine was a very quiet affair especially when my family members are adverse to kc.

    So you are giving tuition to students. Thats good. Here in Malaysia this sort of work is popular and very lucrative as well. Yes I always feel lacking when I fail to introduce kc to my students. A good majority of my students are Chinese leaving no scope for preaching. But I do inculcate basic moral values which is also a form of light preaching. Anyway the college wont approve of such activities. You are right that parents may feel very uncomfortable when their children take up spirituality seriously. The fear of losing them as well as their future are the major reasons for such adversity. But there are many devotees who are doing well in both spheres. Its a matter of convincing.

    Have you been to the centre in Udupi lately? I really miss the place and hope to return for the bliss. Sri Udupi BalaKrishna Ki Jai! Please take care and do keep in touch. By the way I can also be contacted via yahoo. My email is : Bye. Haribol!

    Your servant,
  • Dear Prabhu,

    Hare Krishna! All glories to Srila Prabhupad! Thank you for your msg. I am very happy to be in your association.

    Yes it is true what you say that the locals may take for granted their good fortune of being in a sacred dham as Udupi. Infact when I was there last year for 5 days, my enthiusiasm was slightly down in the final few days. Everything becomes so familiar and as the saying goes "familiarity breeds contempt". SP warned his disciples not to spend too much time in the holy dhams for this same reason. But I still like the place especially the nigthly ratha yatra and the nice prasadam.

    Yes I have been to the ISKCON centre. Its small but nice with Jaganath and family there. It is very easy to see from the back of the Udupi temple. The signboard is clear but one has to take a long turn and pass thorugh a small path in order to get there. Not so easily accessible.

    No I have never heard of the farm project. Is that the one where an old Krishna temple had been acquired by ISKCON located near the sea? There are no farm projects where I am living. But I do know that there is one located in one of the northern states. I am not sure how far it has developed because there is hardly any news about it.

    Do they have gurukuls in your area? Are they planning one? I have seen the one run by the Udupi temple and its very impressive. Of course its very traditional but the culture and purity is there. So tell me prabhu what sort of a school are you teaching in at the present? Do you like teaching? I do like teaching and then of course some times it can be very pressurising.

    Well thats all the news for now. I hope to hear from you when time permits. Bye. Haribol!

    Your servant,
  • Are you now at udupi or Bombay ?
  • Hare Krishna Prabhu! All glroies to Srila Prabhupad! All glories to Guru and Gauranga! All glories to Udupi Sri Krishna!

    I trust you are doing well in your sadhanas. I love Udupi very much. Infact I was there for 5 days in February 2007. I have visited Udupi in all my south Indian trips since 1997. It is perhaps one of the most devotional places I have ever seen. Last year I was at the small ISKCON centre and met some devotees there.

    Do you live in Udupi, somewhere near the temple of Sri Krishna? I even got a VCD about Udupi called Near to Krishna. Although its in Kanada, the scenes are beautiful and spiritually surcharged. The other place that I like is the Sri Raghavendra Mutt just opposite the temple. He is a famous saint and I like Him very much.

    We have our vocations in common. I am lecturer too. I teach pre-degree students or diploma students in Business and Communications.

    Well thats al for this introductory message. Today Navaratri begins and should be on for the next 10 days until Vijaya Dasami. I hope you enjoy these festivals and look forward to your association. Bye. Haribol!

    Your servant,
  • thank you - i was in udupi for like 4 weeks with kanu prabhuji but couldnt meet you some how :)
  • haribolo

    good to associate wt u online too!

    this is truly a great site from a chowpaty temple devotee!


    the collection of photos, videos, news, info are so convenient.

    pl take advantage n get others to join in.

    pl participate in the discussions too.

    hv fun ---forget annamoya, prana moya, mana moya, gyan moya--- dive into Ananda Moya!!!!

    Srila Prabhupada ki Jaya

    yr servant

    Kanai thakura dasa
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