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  • Haribol!

  • This is an early days movie of the Berlin Temple

    I think you will enjoy this..

    YS Basu Gopal Das

  • The Holy Places of tirtha--- pilgrimage in India


    Some people just go to the holy places and take a bath..

    but holy places are much more than this..

    what makes them holy are the saints and sages who reside there

    Sri Advaita advised Lord Chaitanya in the Chaitanya Charitamrita

    when Gouranga was upset that he was tricked into believing he was taking bath in the Yamuna and it was the Ganges that wherever you are that is Vrindavana.

    The idea is the pure devotee brings Vrindavana wherever he goes because he remains in the association of the Lord Krishna


    Sri Advaita requests the Lord to appear by offering tulsi leaves and Ganges water to Shaligram Shila

  • Viele Grüße zurück! 

  • Currently we have few online courses, but most of them are offered here at Mayapur, or our Teachers can also travel to your location, provided we have enough registrations

  • Hare Krishna dandvats, Prabhuji.

  • Hare Krsna. Dandvat prabhuji.

  • "sorry Prabhu ji !!!I was not able to reply you back.Hare Krishna....plz send me a mesg when ever you are free :)Hari bol "

  • U met me:does it mean I'm nice?

  • hare krishna dandavat pranam, prabhuji :)

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