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    Hare Krsna,
    Please accept my humble obeisance’s,
    All glories to srila prabhupad.
    Dandvat Pranam,

    I have a daily KC mails group in which I send daily KC mails (Pastimes of Lord Krishna, Stories, Previous Acaryas Quotes etc.)to so many devotees if you want to receive the mails simply mail me on with subject "add me" so I can added you in my group & send you daily KC mails.

    One more thing i have a daily SMS group also which i send daily SMS(Previous Acaryas's Quotes, BG Quotes, Bhagvatm Quotes etc.) if you want send me your mobile numbers also.

    Hari!!!!!!!!! Bol
    Ignore if already received

    Your Humble Servent in the service of Srila Prabhupada.
    Saci Gaurasundara Dasa
    “To serve the feet of the acaryas in association of the devotees is my desire birth after birth.”
  • Hare Krishna,
    This message is to all my friends here. I will be proceeding to Vrindavan in october. May the wishes of all of you be fulfilled by the Lord, it is my desire to serve the devotees so I am going to pray for everyone when I am at Vrindavan. Jai Sri Krishna.
  • Hare krsna
    Sri Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead full of all opulence, and His complete opulences are exhibited only in Braja-dhama. Braja-dhama is made of transcendental touchstone. Its entire surface is the source of all valuable jewels, and the cintamini stone is used to decorate the lotus feet of the maid of Vrindavana. Vrindavana is a natural forest of desire trees and creepers, and the inhabitants do not want anything but the fruits and flowers of those desire trees. “In Vrindavana there are cows that fulfill all desire (kama-dhenus), and their number is unlimited. They graze from forest to forest delivering only milk. The people want nothing else. In Vrindavana, the natural speech of the people sounds like music and their natural motion resembles a dance. The water in Vrindavana is nectar, and the brahmajyoti effulgence (Krishna's aura), which is full of transcendental bliss, is directly perceived there in its form.”
  • Hare krisna.ndian Vedic contribution is a reservoir of Vibrant Information and Harmonious Creativity. May the Womb of Nature Embrace all with Tranquil Blessings from this day forward. Let this attract one's attention affecting them Positively. It is a Sanctuary of the Self , a Creative Venue which serves as an Enduring Expression of Lightness, where a peaceful Atmosphere with Sunlight Flows and serene atmosphere prevail.
  • >beautiful flute playing! did you learn in India? how much are those gypsy dance flutes? plus shipping to canada?

    I spent years in India learning 5 ancient languages, from which I have translated 40 books ( While there I bought a couple cheap flutes to fool around with (I already was a musician from birth, playing guitars and keyboards). But mainly I only LISTENED until returning to the US when I started trying to make flutes. I realized that to play certain Ragas is very difficult and so for westerners I make a line of Raga Flutes which are already pre-tuned to these exotic scales. Thus by simply playing the holes that are there, you get the Raga sound without years of bansuri study or playing difficult half-holes etc.

    So my model "Gypsy Dance" is Raga Bhairava, and they sell for $80 plus shipping. They are worth THREE TIMES that price for what they can do... Check out my other flute videos on YouTube at the FantasyFlutes channel.

    Nectar Books Home Page
  • Hare Krishna thank you for adding me
    Hare Krishna Paul
  • Hare Krishna,
    WISH YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009. May the coming year of 2009 also mark the beginning of Peace, Prosperity, Love, Happiness, bright future and full of Krishna Consciousness!
    Hari bol!
  • Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum..
  • This is a nice song , but what they need to know is that Jesus, Rama, Allah , Krishna all serve different functions of Godhead. They ask HIM to come again "as anyone" which means they don't really appreciate God in a particular form, but "just come and save us , whatever form you want to take, we don't care" . That attitude I feel, may not attract the Lord to come at all. The truth is that HE is already HERE, in the FORM of HIS HOLY NAME, as Lord Chaitanya has taught. HIs incarnation is in chanting the sound vibration of HIS NAME. So this video's song could be corrected a bit , but they have properly added the chanting of Govinda's holy name at the end.
  • hare krishna
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