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  • Hare krishna
  • Haribol! Yes, Krishna is it! And the scriptures guide us toward having a guru that can show us the way. Not just any "guru" but one that knows Krishna. How else can a conditioned soul like me ever figure Krishna out?
  • I probably would not have had as much interest in K.C. had it not been for my vartma pradakshai(sp) guru. His teaching style was particularly suited for me being realistic to my needs as a westerner, ie: independence, close relationships, a different understanding of God, and more...I have had a relationship with God long before K.C. came along and that also included Jesus. But I actually was able to read the Bible and understand it better, as well as get to know Krishna, and also especially Lord Caitanya (the merciful one), after I met my guru. Now I love to read not only Srimad Bhagavatam but also Caitanya Bhagavata. I feel extremely fortunate, though it's not always easy, to have the experience that I am pretty strongly attached to my guru.
  • Hare Krishna Prabhu, my brother is Krishna Conscious...he has bought so many of Srila Prabhupada's books to our reading those i came to know of Krishna and Krishna Consciousness...Hari Bol.
  • Hare Krishna, thanks for your kind advice...Hari Bol.
  • Hari bol

    Thanks for add as a frnd request.

    i m from indore.
  • Haribol, must be something that since beginning of your birth your parents were Krishna conscious. Mary Sachi
  • Hare Krishna Prabhu!
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