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  • thanx a lot for your valuable thoughts on KC
  • hare krishna prabhu g......

    prabhu g i would like to thank u for ur valuable comments on IDT....

    hari bol

    radhey radhey

  • Hare krishna,

    Dear Rasika Govinda Das prabhu,

    My sadana is going well.. Mr. Gokul pirabhu and Mr.Sivakumar pirabhu also fine. Definitely i'll convey ur regards to them.

    Thanks pirabhu.

  • hare krishna prabhu


    Prabhuji, Please don't make me feel shameful. Its you who bestowed his mercy and blessings on this undeserving candidate AND NOT ME.

    I am grateful TO YOU for sharing wonderful realisations and other Krsna Consciousness knowledge with us all. Thankyou.


    Your unworthy servant

  • hare krishna

    dandvat pranam,

    thanks for ur wonderful KC reply to my few question.

    now it feels really good.

    u showed death is way to meet krishna.

    all glories to sri gour and gouranga

    ur's servant


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    Pranam Prabhu. Hare Krishna, take care, bye.
  • HK Prabhuji. PAMHO. bhagavan karunaiyal nalamai irukkiren. I am in doha now...will be in chennai from march next year...prabhuji you send me a copy of the vaishnava etiquette by RNS thru id is

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