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  • hare krsna mataji

  • your drawing is very nice.........keep sending more
  • HARE KRISHNA your all pic r very nice................
  • hare krishna mataji............lets become friends
  • Hare Krishna Mataji
  • Shri Radhey
  • ho milana shyam se man se ;to shreeju radhika kahna
  • I sure do need Krishna-Radhe's mercy as i am going thru a horrid time.Beaches,ocean's have a calming effect over me.When we used to live in chennai,india our house was very close to sea shore.My favourite haunt used to be sit and chant in the beach.It used to be really divine.I am sure you enjoy your surrounding,take care..Hare Krishna.
  • What does PR stand for?Is it Portland,Oregon?Anyways may Krishna's divine love shower on your consciouness every nano second ..:)
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