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  • Haribol prabhu. being somewhere speaking tamil very nice. are u indian prabhu!! how many rounds do u chant daily? is there any ISKCON temple nearby about ur wife?
  • Hare Krishna. PAMHO...

    PR stands for Puerto Rico, a beautiful Caribbean island surrounded by warm ocean and white sandy beaches. May you receive a continuous mercy from Krishna and Sri Radha.
  • Haribol. Vanakam. how r u? where r u from?
  • hare krishna
  • Hare Krsna!
    Dandavat Pranam! jaya Srila prabhupada!

    I wish to bring to the notice of devotees all over the world about This is a matrimonial exclusively for devotees and was
    launched on Gaura Purnima'07. [b]It has grown to more than 885 members and has so far got 13 success stories.[/b] Check it out and please forward to devotees you know who wish to get married. is a humble attempt to develop a medium to find a compatable devotee life partner so that Krishna consciousness thrives in favorable family ambience.
  • to a mallu i am a mallu..:)
  • haribholo
    u r a mallu..?
  • you look like a kalyana ponnu.Veetukku Ponnu Pakka vara poranga sikkiram,all the best ROFL :).Hare Krishna!!Same to your family too,enjoy and have a nice happy to meet you.
  • i added from yours,big hug for that :)
  • Hare Krishna :)
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