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Duryodhan told krishna.......

Hare Krishna

please accept my most humble obsessions!

2 days ago i was went in ISKCON. and one prabhuji told some another prabhuji that one time "duryodhan told krishna that i know everything about dharma(Niti) but i can't follow that. and also i know

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hare krishna to all

what is the meaning of ekadashi? what we can gain doing this ekadashi fast? and i want to ask another thing is that what is the history of chaitanya mahaprabhuji?

happy mokshada ekadashi to everyone in adv.

hare krishna

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hari bol

when i go to the iskcon temple then i observe 1 thing. and i little bit confused .

why people do dandvatprannam in left or ri8 side instead in front of lord krishna. is there any rule for doing a dandvatpranaam like this?

please solve my confus

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