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think all the time in Krishna

devoutees obeisances, I am currently working from Monday to Saturday and would like to think more about Krsna, understanding that I perform functions all day long.

Once in a while I sing one or two rounds in my bad japa when I'm alone in the office, b

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Vegetables in tama guna

Hare krsna devote my obeisances.

I would like to ask about the carrot, some devotees say that it is in the mode of ignorance. I was reading a bit and they were referring to the red carrot, not the orange carrot. What do you think about this?

Is there a

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Sacred place

hare krisna devotees my obeisances, I wanted to ask a question about how to transform my house into a sacred place:

currently living in a 3x3 room where I have my altar, a small kitchen, refrigerator and a bed to sleep in, plus several furniture. If y

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Hare krishna my obeisances.
I wanted to know if anyone could send me a book about Vaishnava etiquette and if there was one about etiquette guru disciple. (in word format please)

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Memorize mantras

Hare krsna Devotees mi humble obeisances.

I wanted to ask for your help, I would like to memorize mantras of Vaishnava songs or some central verses of the Bhagavad Gita.

What would you recommend to start?

How much time should I spend per day to memorize

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Guru-Disciple letter

Hare Krishna my obeisances, I wanted to consult the following regarding guru-disciple:

A long time ago I write letters to my guru giving him my services and personal sadhana, but I feel that I lack more guidance regarding formality. Could someone help

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letters to my guru

Hare Krishna, my obeisances.

I need help since I have always written monthly reports to my guru but lately I want to improve my reports I look for a better way to render an account of my service and my sadhana. Do you have any idea or experience of yo

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Group whatsapp

Hare krishna prabhu / mataji, I'm interested in doing a whatsapp group in Spanish, to share and take daily darsan.

My obeisances

Hare krishna prabhu/ mataji, me interesa hacer un grupo de whatsapp en español, para compartir y tomar darsan diario.

Mis re

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