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  • E-Counselor

    Happy and blessed Birthday!

    Your Birth day is very auspicious due to Gaura Purnima.

    Please take the blessing of Lord Gaura Sundara by chanting more and reading at least one page of Prabhupada's book everyday without fail from today itself.

    Today is Gaura Purnima Festival!

    Today devotees observe fasting to purify themselves till the moonrise.

    The program starts at 6 P.M to 9 P.M followed by Music, Drama, and sumptuous Vegetarian Prasadam.

    Please take advantage of holy association of devotees and mercy of Lord Caitanya.

    Lord Caitanya who is the Supreme Personality of God Head, descended on this earth in 1407 Saka Era on the full moon evening  of the month of Phalguna, during the constellation of Simhalagna as the son of Sri Sacidevi and Jagannath Misra in Navadvipa in the district of Srihatta. Lord Krishna is all sweetness. Radharani’s attraction for Krishna is sublime, and to experience that attraction and understand the transcendental sweetness of Himself, He accepted the mentality of Radharani to enjoy the bliss tested by Radharani.

    It is confirmed in Srimad Also from Cc Mad.20.330

    “In the Satya, Treta, Dvapara, and Kali yugas, Krishna accepts four different colors: white, red , black, and yellow respectively. These are the colors of the different incarnations in different millenniums.”

    Lord Caitanya was in yellow color. It proved that Lord Caitanya was the Krishna Himself.

    The Lord Caitanya is the pioneer Leader of Hare Krishna congregational Chanting. Lord Caitanya started spreading Hare Krishna Movement on the Public with His associates to save fallen souls—who are grossly engrossed with demoniac mentality and activities.

    Lord Ramacandra appeared to kill one demon king Ravana who had kidnapped Goddess Sita Devi. However, Lord Caitanya appeared to kill the demoniac mentality of countless demons of this age that are found in every house in this Modern age thorough the Hare Krishna Mahamantra. So, Lord Caitanya’s incarnation is known as the Magnanimous incarnation. Lord Caitanya had forecasted that His holy name will be broadcasted in every town and Villages throughout the world which was implemented by His Devine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada through ISKCON. So, we are all indebted to Lord Caitanaya for His causeless mercy to save us.

    All Glories to Lord Caitanya!

    Thank you,

    Your servant,

    Karunanidhi Das

    ISKCON, Chicago

  • Hare Krishna,

    I wish you all success in Krishna Consciousness.
    May Lord Krishna always bless and protect you
    and bestow His mercy on you and may He fill
    your life with

    peace and love;

    harmony and wisdom;

    simplicity and humility;

    appreciation and gratitude;

    patience and perseverance;

    kindness and generosity;

    compassion and forgiveness;

    courage and enthusiasm;
    devotion, dedication and determination.

    With love and best wishes. 
    Take care.

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna dandvats, Prabhuji. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. I do hereby wish you all the best in Krishna consciousness, Gauranga, Radhe Radhe, Hari Bol! Hare Krishna.

  • Volunteer

    mām ugra-dharmād akhilāt pramādān
    nārāyaṇaḥ pātu naraś ca hāsāt
    dattas tv ayogād atha yoga-nāthaḥ
    pāyād guṇeśaḥ kapilaḥ karma-bandhāt

    May Lord Nārāyaṇa protect me from unnecessarily
    following false religious systems and falling from
    my duties due to madness. May the Lord in His
    appearance as Nara protect me from unnecessary
    pride. May Lord Dattātreya, the Master of all mystic
    power, protect me from falling while performing
    bhakti-yoga, and may Lord Kapila, the Master of
    all good qualities, protect me from the material
    bondage of fruitive activities.

    māḿ keśavo gadayā prātar avyād
    govinda āsańgavam ātta-veṇuḥ
    nārāyaṇaḥ prāhṇa udātta-śaktir
    madhyan-dine viṣṇur arīndra-pāṇiḥ

    May Lord Keśava protect me with His club in the
    first portion of the day, and may Govinda, who
    is always engaged in playing His flute, protect
    me in the second portion of the day. May Lord
    Nārāyaṇa, who is equipped with all potencies,
    protect me in the third part of the day, and
    may Lord Viṣṇu, who carries a disc to kill His
    enemies, protect me in the fourth part of the day.

    devo 'parāhṇe madhu-hogradhanvā
    sāyaḿ tri-dhāmāvatu mādhavo mām
    doṣe hṛṣīkeśa utārdha-rātre
    niśītha eko 'vatu padmanābhaḥ

    May Lord Madhusūdana, who carries a bow very
    fearful for the demons, protect me during the
    fifth part of the day. In the evening, may Lord
    Mādhava, appearing as Brahmā, Viṣṇu and
    Maheśvara, protect me, and in the beginning
    of night may Lord Hṛṣīkeśa protect me. At the
    dead of night (in the second and third parts
    of night) may Lord Padmanābha alone protect me.

    śrīvatsa-dhāmāpara-rātra īśaḥ
    pratyūṣa īśo 'si-dharo janārdanaḥ
    dāmodaro 'vyād anusandhyaḿ prabhāte
    viśveśvaro bhagavān kāla-mūrtiḥ

    May the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who bears
    the Śrīvatsa on His chest, protect me after midnight
    until the sky becomes pinkish. May Lord Janārdana,
    who carries a sword in His hand, protect me at the
    end of night (during the last four ghaṭikās of night).
    May Lord Dāmodara protect me in the early morning,
    and may Lord Viśveśvara protect me during the
    junctions of day and night.
    With love and best wishes, take care, bye, Radhe Radhe.
  • Hey Bruce, PAMHO thanks for your friendly invitation. Very kind of you.



  • Volunteer

  • Volunteer
    Pranam Dearest Devotee. Hare Krishna.
    I wish you all success in Krishna Consciousness.
    May Lord Krishna always bless and protect you
    and bestow His mercy on you and may He fill
    your life with peace and love; harmony and
    wisdom; simplicity and humility; appreciation
    and gratitude; patience and perseverance;
    kindness and generosity; compassion and 
    forgiveness; courage and enthusiasm;
    devotion, dedication and determination.
    With love and best wishes, take care, bye.
  • [vrindavan ke vriksh ko malhm na jaane koi dal dal or pat pat pe radhe radhe hoye]
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