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deity worship

Hare krsna

My respectful pranamas to all the great vaishnava devotees.

I have been doing deity worship daily , but im not satisfied with it, because it is not systamatic.

Can somebody tell me how exactly we are supposed to do it. what mantras to tell, i

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What is meant by samadhi state? Does it mean indulging in devotional service to our lord 24 hours?

Can anybody explain me in detail , about what happens when we are in samadhi state. Will we get to know at what level of bhakti we are in? what are the

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Krsna in Vaikunta

In Bhagavad gita it has been given that when we reach Krsna in Golok or Krsnalok or the Vaikunta planets there will be devotional activities Can somebody please explain me in detail regarding what kind of devotional activities occur there. I know it

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