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The most important property of all matters  that is "mass" should be confirmed with the existence of so called " higg's boson"alternatively known as "God's particle"amazingly discovered at LHC'S 300ft underground in Geneva.LHC is designed to accelera

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The other day I was listening to Adbhut Prabhuji's talk , he said - " other's problems should not be our problems, we shouldn't get involved in other's problems." Is this really called attachment ?Like Bharata maharaja was pulled towards the dear see

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 Harekrishna ! Can some one explain briefly  abaranatmika maya & prekhyatmika maya , its nature.


living a life of brahmacharya OR living grahasthya jeevan & practicing vairagya(detachment from material world, from sense objects ) which is shreya,when

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