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transcendental chanting

why mahamantra is called transcendental chanting ? how transcendental vibrations arise in material creation ? because transcendental vibrations arise in spiritual world then how they are compatible with material world ? 

as water and oil can never mix

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his will or our will

many times i heard that everything is krishna's will . he is in each atom of universe . without his will a dry leaf also doesn't move. at the next moment for all wrong deeds a human beings commit we impose all will on him  saying that it's his free w

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a blind , deaf and dumb person

hare krishna!

my simple question is if a person is blind , dumb , deaf by birth then how will he chant mahamantra ?

 how will he get liberation ?  which type of bhakti vidhi out of 9 he will take ? how will he get darshan ?

how will he give devotional s

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a enquiry about soul

as we say soul is part of super soul .  as super soul is transcendental then this soul must also be transcendental . if soul is transcendental then how it's compatible in this material world ? because transcendental nature is only in spiritual world.

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