Here we will give questions to Devotee doctors and they will try their best to help us.

If You have particular questions on health then please create a discussion (do not comment on the main page) with the title of the problem.

One can make it anonymously by writing directly to the doctor and he/she can later copy paste that question and answer in this group.

For this time two Devotee doctors are showing desire to help Devotees with their health questions:

Anupam Prabhu, Kolkata

Sanjay Bailur Prabhu

Thank You & be healthy!

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  • Hk
    Prji nice to meet u all
  • Thanks You For Accepting me to the group. Hare Krishna
  • Volunteer

    i am little busy these days... very soon i will be posting the answers asked..

    sorry for the delay..

    dandavat pranam..

  • Volunteer

    hare krsna .. my dandavat pranam to all the devotees..

    i, myself and our team, will be trying to solve problems of devotees, as far as possible.. i am highly indebted to bhaktin maral mataji, for giving me the opporturinity..

    you can ask anything on this forum, any medical, psychological, psychosocial, or other relevant problems.. 

    if, you think, some problems, that you dont want to put on forum, you can directly put your question in my inbox, in this link..

    your privacy is our first priority, 

    i will try to give a solution as early as possible..

    thank you.. seeking blessings...

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    Dear Devotee, please do not give Your questions on the comments but on this link:

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Side effects

Hare Krishna. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories! I have a rare genetic disease called Ehler's Danlos Syndrome and recently getting off a anti-depressant because of course I don't want to rely on this medicine for nerve pain, but I have been on it since I was in my teen years and the side effects put me in a sad mood. Could you give me some advice? It is affecting my chanting and so my relationships don't feel good. 

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body pain s after keerthan

my humble pranams to you prabhu ji               i used to enjoy keerthan but after keerthan i feel mild body pains(muscle) my self19 years old . does this make any side effects to future.and if you say it is ok . then i will bw happy and i will tolerate such pains if it is not such important.

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