Hare Krsna Prabhu/Mataji,(Dr)

A devotee friend,feels ringing in her ears continuously.Its been persisting for a week now.2/3 days back,when her wax had been dug out,there was bleeding due to injury.

She met the specialist,where the doctor concluded that it's because of the injury that the ringing started(where in her case,it's the ringing first and then the injury).When consulted with another doctor (her father),he says it's because of cold/flu and advises her to restrain from taking bath (often/early in the morning)

Being a devotee,she is disciplined and concerned about following thr required/prescribed practices.She finds its difficult to not have bath in the morning.Nor is she sure about the actual cause of the ringing (whether cold/injury).

  • Please guide us on the cause of the ringing and how to go about with her treatment
  • whether bathing is related/will have an negative impact on her health 
  • How to cope with the fear(that she is not able to perform her duties properly-spiritual and occupational)

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    Hare Krishna!

    As you described, it seems "TINNITUS" and there are different ways to treat by exercise along with homeopathic and ayurvedic medications.

    For Homeopathic watch following search result (first 3 results):  Click Here

    For Ayurvedic Treatment: Click Here

    Once you go through both videos, it clearly indicates that ringing having a connection with a cough. So, if she taking a bath with COLD WATER in the early morning in all time may not be good as it will cause COUGH in the body. It will be more if her body falls into the Cough Body category. She needs to be SMART to adjust between the body and Sadhana. In case of taking bath with COLD water, if she doing so, better to have normal water which is not cold in winter or rainy season. She also needs to learn few ayurvedic tips in order to balance cough in the body so rining could be cured.

    Krishna always there to protect His devotees, so no need to fear but fight. This is not something big issue and could be solved in due course of time with patience. The injury needs to be addressed first. If she goes to Allopathy Doctor then surly unwillingly antibiotics medicines have to be taken. If alternative treatment available with surety then that could be good way to proceed.

    In conclusion, no need to worry, Krishna willing things shall be well, just need to control emotions by having faith in Krishna and do what needful to do. Fear is a result of less Faith in Lord and His Holy name. Let her take the best measurements for the body given by Krishna for His service.

    Hare Krishna


    Dr.Swapnil Sagar Jain
    I am a physician, practising homeopathy for 10 years .
    • Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


      Thank you very much for the guidance 🙏🏻

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