• There should not be any mirror in the bedroom. If it's there then it should not have any reflection of the bed in it. Adjust it such that you cannot see the reflection of your bed in the mirror.

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  • According to the Garuda Purana, no mirrors at all are to be put into the bedroom.

  • The best direction to keep mirror is north side or north east side. If mirror(s) are placed in these directions they are supposed to bring wealth and prosperity. I remember hearing from a Krsna devotee (and spiritual master )that in Tirupati Balaji temple also there is room for placing mirror in North/North East corner.

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    Hare Krishna Mataji,

    The best direction for placing mirror is on North wall, which is a direction of Lord Kubera..wealth and prosperity.

    However, pls ensure that while you sleep, your bed/body should not reflect on the mirror.

    Hope this helps.

    I can explain in more detail if you can let me know the architectural details. You may take a magnetic compass, go to center of your house. The direction where red needle stops is North. Rotate the compass base and align NORTH written with red needle. Note the directions and the rooms/respective area of house. After that I can guide even better.

    Hare Krishna.

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      Pranams and dandavats

      Please advice effects of mirror reflecting our body in bedroom.

      What is the remedy to avoid it.

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    • As we know, that each and every individual thing has its own vibrations emerging out of it. They are the reasons for the effects on our thinking and behavior. To suppress the negative vibrations, we should either do the things which will enhance the positive vibrations or avoid the things which enhance the negative ones.

      In bedroom, we are in a mentally relaxed/ inactive state. If our image is reflected in the mirror it enhances the same vibrations of in-activeness in the whole room as well as in our body for a long time. To avoid this, you should not keep a mirror in bedroom.

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      Hare Krishna,

      please check video

      7:55 mins onwards person talks about mirrors in house.. very useful info..

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