Inquire about Vastu;

Learn how to make Your home in such a way so that You stay there with lesser problems;

Inquire about design;

Make Your home beautiful, comfortable to stay in and invite Krishna into it and serve to Him.

In this group Kiran Jaishi Mataji will answer to the inquiries of Devotees concerning Vastu, interior design, and something about color therapy.

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  • Hare Krishna
  • Hare krsna radhe radhe dandvat pranam if there is any whatsapp group to learn about krishna plzz add me
  • Hare Krishna

    All glories to Sirla Prabhupada.

    My humble obeisances unto you. Can you please tell me from where I can come to know all the rules to be followed in order to serve Radhe Krishna in home



  • Do not put mirrors in the bedroom at all. (per Garuda Purana)

  • Thank you so much for your kind invitation, Hare Krishna, All glories to Srila Prabhupad, Wish your real Krishna services go on well to keep you happy & share the same with us.        Hare Krishna.

  • Volunteer

    Dear Devotees, please use this link to paste Your discussions

    Thank You!

  • Hare Krishna koti dandavat Mataji,


    Can you tell us how a mirror should be placed in a bed room ?Which direction should it face. ?


    Your servant


    Malini Shankar



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making my home pure

Hare Krishna please accept my humble obeisances .please give me guidance on how to care for a tulsi plant living in a very small space. I regularly follow the guideline principles of caring for Tulsi but please further give me insight on how to make this experience more blissful for my dear shri Krishna.

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Home Care

Hare Krishna Mataji,PAMHO,AGTSPWe are planning for a 'Home care' summer program for girls of ages 8 to 16 in our community here in Seattle USA. We seek your guidance in this matter to choose the appropriate subjects and practical workshop. So that we can  teach these girls how to take care of our home in Krishna Conscious way.waiting for your reply.Thank you.your servant,

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