Milk Poori


Wheat flour – 2 cups

Ghee – 2 tsp

Milk – 4 cups

Cardamom powder – 1/4 tsp

Sugar – 5 tbsp

Almonds – 5

Salt – pinch

Oil – for deep frying


Take the flour in a big mixing bowl. Add ghee and pinch of salt to it. Mix well and then adding water as required make a smooth dough. Keep it aside after covering with a cloth or a lid.  Boil milk in a vessel till it thickens to half the quantity. Add sugar, cardamom powder and boil for another two minutes. Remove from fire..  Knead the dough again and make small balls. Roll them into poori’s (preferable small) and deep fry till golden color on both sides. Take them out and dip in the milk. After ten minutes the poori’s soak the milk. Take them out and spread in another plate. Prepare all the poori’s and soak in milk. After finishing with all poori’s pour the remaining milk over them and garnish with finely chopped almonds and serve..


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