Dry-fruit Laddoos

This is a very special sweet that is made at our home on Sri Krishna Janmashtami every year..it basically signifies the birth of Krishna and concern of his health,also it reminds of post pregnancy condition of Mother Devki/Yashoda....as it contains those ingredients benificial for post pregnancy women.


2 cups jaggery

2 big spoons ghee

1/2 cup each of almonds,cashew nuts,pistachios,peanuts or any other dry-fruits you like.

1/2 teaspoon dry ginger powder(IMPORTANT)


In a pan,take a 2 spoons ghee,add jaggery on heating of ghee,let jaggey melt.by that time,cut all the dry fruits and when jagerry melts,add dry ginger powder and all the dryfruits and mix well(all this while on flame),then pour all mixture in a plate and make sphere laddoos ,while the mixture is warm,u can also make flat and cut them in pieces..

fill it in an airtight container and offer it to Lord on midnight.Hare Krishna..

Looking forward for interesting recipres by Archana Mataji,this Janmashtami.........

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