Baked Yoghurt Chakras

Baked Yoghurt Chakras


1. 4 slices of bread ( plain/ multi grain brown bread)

2. 2-3 tbsp milk

3. 1 tsp ajwain ( carom seeds)

4. 4 tbsp Moong sprouts/cottage cheese, optional

5. 9 spinach leaves.

For the Filling

1. curd, 1 cup - hang for 1 hour in  a thin muslin cloth and squeeze

2. grated  and squeezed carrot- ½ cup

3.  capsicum, finely chopped- ½ cup

4. green chilli ,finely chopped- 1

5. salt- 1 tsp

6. peppercorns, crushed- ½ tsp

7. dhania and red chilli powder- ½ tsp each

8. tomato ketchup ( masala chilli)- 1 tsp

9. roasted cumin (jeera) powder- ½ tsp


1. Hang curd for 1 hour. Squeeze well and drain out all the water.  Put the curd in a bowl and mix all the other ingredients of the filling with the curd  lightly with a fork. Keep aside.

2. Cut the sides of the bread slices. Keep 2 bread slices slightly overlapping each other  about ¼ ‘’ to get a long piece. Press applying pressure with a rolling pin/ belan, so that the holes of the bread close. ( you can microwave the bread slice for a few seconds before rolling)

3. Spread spinach leaves without the stalks on the bread

4. Spread a layer of filling on the leaf and the empty spaces.

5. Sprinkle some sprouts/cottage cheese on the filling. Roll carefully

6. Seal end by applying some curd/the squeezed curd water. Press well

7. Brush milk on the roll. Spread some ajwain on a plate and roll the bread roll over it.

8. Gently cut each roll into 4-5 pieces  to get wheels/ chakras of ¼ ‘’ thickness. Place wheels standing upright on a baking tray or on a oven rack covered with foil.

9. Bake  in a hot oven at 200 F for 10-15 minutes till edges turn golden.

10. Offer to the Lord and serve immediately.


Meena Samtani

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