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Grhasta concerns


Grhasta concerns

A group for householders to discuss the unique challenges they face in Krishna Consciousness.

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Latest Activity: Aug 6, 2013

Hare Krishna everyone! Please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I started this group so that all devotees who are grhastas, children or no children, can share their experiences with the unique challenges we face in our Krishna Consciousness. Our daily concerns are different from those of bramacharis and sannyasis, and I feel that we should share what helps us have a harmonious, Krishna Conscious home, with as little conflict as possible. 

Please feel free to express yourself honestly in this group. If you are having any troubles at home and need advice, this would be the place to look for it.

I credit the idea for this group to Bhaktin Maral. I have watched and seriously thought about the wonderful advice she gives in her videos. Implementing her ideas has helped my wife and I live so much more harmoniously. 

My wife, as I have explained in my blog posts, is not yet a devotee. She has only recently begun exploring herself spiritually. She was raised in a very strict fundamentalist Christian home, and resented and rebelled against "religion" as she was forced to understand it. She is a professional Psychologist, and plays drums, piano, and guitar. She is a very kind and sweet soul who truly loves people and trying to help people. She is very spiritual; she can see other peoples' and animals' auras, can sense other people's energy, and she is very knowledgeable about working with the powers inherent in crystals and plants/herbs. She also loves playing in the garden and making crafts. She is a vegetarian, and has been her entire life. As a child, she felt an instinctual aversion to any kind of meat or fish, and has never even tasted such things. Because she works a job and I don't, I do all of our cooking, so she eats only food that I offer to Srila Prabhupada, Gaura-Nitai, and Radha-Krishna. 

We are not able to have children as we sadly found out, but she has 3 cats and a small dog, so it's like having children around all the time because they demand attention and love just like children.

I spend my time cultivating my Krishna Consciousness by chanting, reading, listening to lectures, and talking to other devotees online. My wife is soon to get her Doctorate degree in Psychology, and she spends a lot of time studying right now. She has been in college for 10 years, and is almost done.

I just wanted to share about my life so as to encourage other devotees to open up about their lives and the challenges they face.

May Krishna bless you all with love, wisdom, serenity, and certainty. Hare Krishna!

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