The cosmic cycle of 4 eras from the Vedas (Satya, Treta, Dwapara and Kali-yuga)

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The modern conception about history is that humanity is evolving, coming from the caveman to the industrial revolution. However, our understanding about the past is limited. The oldest artifacts that can be accepted as recorded history date from about 5000 years ago. Most of the theories about what happened before that are based on just stones and bones. Many cultures from the past had a conception of a forgotten golden age. The Greeks for example believed that humanity went through a sequence of four ages before the present times. In the Vedas, the Greeks are described as the Pulindas (SB 2.4.18), people close to Vedic Culture, that although not a direct part of it shared much of its values and knowledge. It’s not a wonder thus that the concept of Golden, Silver, Bronze and Iron ages of the Greeks is also described in the Vedas, but in this case with more detail.

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