Mangal Aroti in Vrindaban with H.H. B.B. Govinda Swami

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This video was made possible by AKDKKS in Vrindaban, and His Holiness B.B. Govinda Swami, whom I hold dear to my heart.Also, to all of the pujari's and devotees who attend the deities daily with such love and devotion. May their dust always be on my head.This video was edited by Sriman Jadhavacarya Das, a lowly eternal servant of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.Purport by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami PrabhupadaThis is a song sung by Bhaktivinoda Thakur. He's asking everyone to rise early in the morning. Vibhavari sesa; the night is over. Aloka pravesa, the glimpses of sunlight are there. Now, you get up! Nidra chadi utha jiva; dont sleep any more. That is the way of Vedic life. One should not sleep after sunrise. You must rise before sunrise. That is healthy life also. So, just instantly after rising from the bed, one should chant the holy name of the Lord. Here, it is suggested, bolo hari hari, now you chant Hare Krsna mantra. Mukunda murari means Krsna, the enemy of the demon of the name Mura. Rama is another name celebrated, Rama Krsna. Hayagriva is another incarnation of Krsna. Similarly Nrsimha, Narahari, half-lion, half-man, Nrshimadeva, Vamana... incarnation. Sri Madhusudhana. There was a demon Madhu, and Kaitaba. They came to swallow up Brahma after his creation, so they were killed. Therefore Krsna's... another name is Madhusudana. Madhusudana name is found in Bhagavad-gita in various places. Madhusudana means the enemy of Madhu. Krsna is both friend and enemy. He is actually friend of everyone, but He becomes enemy-like for one who treats Krsna as enemy. He is nobody's enemy, but if anyone wants to see Him as enemy, He appears like enemy. That is absolute. The demons, they want to see Krsna as enemy, so accepting the desire of the demons, He appears before him as enemy, kills him and gives him liberation. That is the absolute pastime of Krsna, Madhusudana.Vrajendra nandana syama. Actually God has no name, but His names are selected according to His pastimes. Just like this Madhusudana name is given to Him, because He killed the Madhu demon. Similarly, He is known as Vrajendra nandana, the son of Vraja, Vrindanana, because He appeared as the son of Yasoda and Nanda Maharaja, Vrajendra nandana. Syama, His bodily hue is blackish, therefore He is called Syamasundara. Putana ghatana, kaitaba satana, jaya dasarathi rama. So because He killed the demon Putana, His name is Putana ghatana. Ghatana means killer. Kaitaba satana, and He is chastiser of all kinds of dangers. Jaya dasarathi rama. In connection of His killing Ravana, He is glorified, jaya dasarathi. Dasarathi means His fathers name was Dasaratha, so He is Dasarathi Rama, jaya dasarathi rama.Yasoda dulala govinda gopala. Yasoda dulala means pet son of Mother Yasoda. Govinda gopala, and He is cowherd boy. Govinda, giving pleasure to the cows. Vrindavana purandara. The chief of the Vrindavana land. He is the center of attraction for everyone in Vrindavana.Ravanatakora, gopi priya jana. He is very favorable to the gopis. Gopi priya. Radhika ramana, and He always enjoys the company of Radharani, therefore His name is Radhika ramana. Bhuvana sundara boro. So He attracted so many gopis, that means He is attractive to the whole universe. Nobody is more attractive than Krsna within this universe, or within anywhere. Therefore He is called bhuvana sundara boro. Boro means the chief.Ravanatakora, makhana taskora, gopi jana vastra hari. As Rama, when He appeared as Lord Ramacandra, He killed Ravana, ravanatakora. Makhana taskora, and in Vrindavana, He is known as the butter thief. In His childhood pastime, He used to steal butter from the pots of the gopis. That was His pleasure pastime, therefore He is called Makhana taskora. Makhan chor. Gopi jana vastra hari. And He also stolen the garments of the gopis while they were taking bath. This is very confidential. Actually the gopis wanted Krsna. They prayed to Katyayani devi, go

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