Yesterday Nara Hari Prabhu wrote an address to devotees to begin Nama
yajna, please read - this isn't just local Ukrainian problem, it concerns
everyone really.


Dear devotees of Mayapur and all Vaishnava of the world. We in Ukraine are
in a war zone . For your clear understanding this is not an ordinary local
war. We stand on the threshold of a new confrontation between the two super
powers, America and Russia, who openly declare the Cold War, as it was in
the past. Ukraine is the last buffer between these super-powers, behind
which is already open direct confrontation between the two nuclear empires.
Many journalists and politicians already do not hesitate to talk about the
possible start of World War 3. Ukraine touching Russian border along a very
large portion of territory. And so Russia will not allow NATO bases to be
placed along her borders. But the most worrying thing is that this time no
one is about to back down. Usually any situation is solved through
diplomatic channels, but not now. They are ready to fight, using the most
difficult and sophisticated weapons. We are in the very border zone. And we
are seeing it with our own eyes. Major cities shot out using howitzers
(automatic mashines discharging missiles) and other very heavy artillery.
Over Donetsk, Lugansk and Slavyansk flying military helicopters and fighter
jets, occasionally releasing missiles in different objects. Our railway
station destroyed, Airport, the best in Ukraine built with the latest
technology 2 years ago completely destroyed and is not suitable for civil
aviation. Civilians are killed every day - men, women, children. Even some
of the devotees were forced to take up weapons.

For the rest of the world this conflict is virtual, but at any time these
days it can develop into the world-consuming. Krishna devotees know from
the words of Srila Prabhupada that World War-3 is inevitable. Collective
hard Karma of people is reached its climax. But the Sankirtana movement of
Lord Caitanya can stop it. Chanting can purify people's hearts from dirt
and severe reactions. Other methods will not help here.

If heavy sins of ugra-karma civilization (and especially for the mass
killing of cows for many years) will not be cleared through the joint
efforts of devotees praying to all-cleansing name of the Lord, humanity can
expect a terrible fate. We ask all the Vaisnavas in this fateful moment,
Unite! and join our kirtan! There is no other way! There is no other way!
There is no other way! By the grace of Lord, Krishna Consciousness is able
to spread and save the world. Simultaneously with the construction of a
grand temple in Mayapur planetarium, which predictions Bhaktivinoda Thakur
will be the cause and starting point when Krishna Consciousness will be
accepted throughout the world. We must also take this mass Sankirtana. Lord
Nrisingadev can work miracles, and now more than ever we need a miracle -
in an instant, the world can calm down and we will, as before go on
preaching Krishna Consciousness.

We are still distributing books on the streets. But the Harinam in Donetsk
is banned at present. We are singing kirtan in our temple. We ask you to
join our kirtan, and then thanks to the joint efforts and a lot of your
sincere and pure hearts chanting Holy Name this world turn into Vaikuntha.
Thank you dear devotees for your willingness to help! Our lives and the
lives of many people here depend on your grace. Hare Krishna!

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  • I pray that Lord Krishna protect and embrace those devotees and the rest of the people. Hare Krishna

  • Hare Krishna,
    War, or World-War, be it a real possibility or not is irrelevant.  However Buildings being demolished, devotees being forced into taking up arms Etc must be afforded our heart-felt compassion.
    Either way, it is as you say: Srila Prabhupada's books will give the proper understanding to the masses, and if war is the means Caitanya Mahaprabhu is allowing to happen to speed up people out of their materialistic comfort zones to take seriously this message, or if this is all nothing but propaganda, then either way, so be it.  Still we should be compassionate and supportive to the devotees facing this in the front-lines.  A Vaishnava is compassionate especially to fellow Vaishnavas.  We must pray for their wellbeing, and offer whatever support Krishna makes available to us to offer them as fellow Vaishnavas.
    Your servant,
    Yamuna Jivana dasa
  • The conflict is there (in the heart of the people) , but "WAR" or even "World War" is just propaganda. Manipulation of the masses! Fear is the best manipulation of the masses. Both political sides take profit of this propaganda, they never will go that far.

    What the people need is Srila Prabhupadas books, to understand that they are not the body, not "Russian" or "Ukrainian" or American. Then all that stupid propaganda will be useless...

    Dont forget what Gauranga Mahaprobhu said ... "in every town and village there will be the chanting of the holy name of the Lord!"  Lord Sri Krisna ist the controler, not all this politicians. Who knows in which way Mahaprabhu will manifest this greatest miracle of all time! Lord Krishna/Gauranga only appears once in a kalpa and that happened just "a moment ago"...

  • Please visit: ALAN LAMONT & ERIC JON PHELP'S on YouTube.
  • Dear DEVOTEES, dandavat
    When we write God'names, kindly always use capital letters/words. Use Krishna & not krishna. Hare Krishna.
  • hare krishna hare krishna

    krishna krishna hare hare

    hare ram hare ram

    ram ram hare hare

  • Hare Krishna Devotees, Dandavat

    कृष्ण (B.G.9.31) अर्जुन से कहते हैं : हे कुंतीपुत्र ! निडर होकर घोषणा करदो कि मेरे भक्त का कभी विनाश नहीं होता है |

    जो व्यक्ति नारायण का भक्त होता है वह किसी से नहीं डरता भक्त के लिए स्वर्ग-प्राप्ति,नरक-गमन तथा भवबंधन से मुक्ति- ये एक से लगते हैं (S.B.6.17.28) | जो भक्ति में लगा हुआ है, वह इस संसार से रंचमात्र भी नहीं डरता, वही वास्तव में शिक्षित हैं (S.B.4.29.51) |

    Hare Krishna

  • By the strength of the Sankirtana all over the world, may the devotees be protected from this insanity. May devotees remain despite the terrible bloodshet, and may the devotees continue the Sankirtana program without restriction.  May the world submit, in suffering and sorrow, to the supreme Lord in this time of distress, and thus may the world be saved by our beloved ISKCON. Srila Prabhupada ki Jai! Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu ki jai! In life or death, may every Vaishnava find the strength to hold onto the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada, saviour of the fallen conditioned souls. Transcendental. That big word we have used so freely in our ISKCON vocabulary, now may we succeed in transcending the material reality by the strength of Nama Sankirtana all over the world. Jai Vaishnava Thakura! Be not afraid! You have Krishna, you have everything! Take heart! Hare Krishna! Hare Krishna! Krishna Krishna! Hare Hare! Hare Rama! Hare Rama! Rama Rama! Hare Hare! Keep chanting! together in harinama or alone in Japa but don't stop this chanting until your final breath.  It is our only hope, our final saving grace!

  • Volunteer

    May Lord Krishna save all the devotees , Hare Krishna.

  • May Lord Nrisimhadev remove all the obstacles and bestow His divine shelter........

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