From its inception twenty years ago World Holy Name Day has grown into World
Holy Name Week. This year we commemorate and celebrate the 50th Anniversary
of the inauguration of ISKCON by Srila Prabhupad with a two week long World
Holy Name Festival which commences on 28 July through to 14 August. Srila
Prabhupad gave this yuga dharma to the world and the WHN Festival honours
and commemorates this. We have much to celebrate about and are looking for
the biggest participation the World Holy Name Festival has seen to date.
This is a humble appeal to all in the ISKCON family - man, woman and child -
to come forward, participate and celebrate the World Holy Name Festival with
This year, we have also expanded our social media network to Twitter,
Facebook and Instagram. The details to these can be found on our World Holy
Name website - -  which in itself is an inspiration. There
you will find everything from Srila Prabhupad on Japa and special
dates/tithis to inspirational videos, kirtana standards and japa wallpapers,
to name but a few. Please visit our website and download posters and other
promotional materials.
A new initiative for ISKCON50 is the Nonstop 50 Hour Kirtana commemorating
ISKCON's 50th Anniversary. You could also participate in the campaign which is a project endeavouring to make
thousands of two minute videos of people chanting the Hare Krishna Maha
Mantra for the very first time.
The following is a link to the video promoting World Holy Name Festival
Here are a few more ideas which you could also implement:
1. Nagar Sankirtana - Harinama processions with ISKCON 50, Mahamantra and
WHN Festival banners.
2. Kirtana Mela – One or multiple days.
3. Nonstop 24/12/50 hours Sankirtana yajna.
4. Japathon - Pledges from devotees and congregation members to chant extra
rounds during this period.
5. Bhagavatam classes which emphasise the glories and importance of the holy
6. Japa Seminars on related topics e.g. ten offenses, types of japa etc.
7. Sunday feast lectures/drama/plays on the holy names.
8. Japa Booth whereby new comers are encouraged to chant by setting up a
table with beads and pamphlets in the temple.
9. Invite other religions/faiths promoting a dialoge on the holy names of
the Lord.
10. Broadcasting Hare Krishna Kirtan and especially Srila Prabhupad chanting
on radio.
11. Padyatras to nearby towns and villages distributing the holy names,
Prabhupad books and prasada.
12. Harinama concerts with public participation.
13  Post Hare Krishna Mahamantra and WHN banners throughout the
I would like to request you to please share this information with your local
leaders and members, and participate in the global celebrations of the holy
names during World Holy Name Festival - 28 July to 14 August 2016.
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