Wonderful experiences in life.

Wonderful experiences in life are not planned. Cannot be planned. They come in our life out of the blue just like a beautiful aroma which suddenly wafts through the air and reaches our nose. completley out of its own accord. Experiences are like little pieces of a jigsaw puzzle which come together and produce a beautiful picture. It makes a picture complete. A picture of YOU. We should not be stingy or miserly. We should go out into the world and experience each day, each moment, each person as they cross our path. Experience the breeze touching your cheek as you go on your morning walk. Experience the sudden feeling of love when you see your little child doing something nice. Experience the pain of a loved one breaking your heart. Experience anger, experience hate, experience love, experience forgiveness, experience mercy, experience pain and above all experience the process of experience.

Sad are people of this world who do not expose themselves to this wonderful world which is a playground of experiences. A stage where a drama is constantly going on. We all play our parts to perfection. They deprive themselves to the exhilarating experience of this World. To top it all, they turn their backs to the good things in life by always lamenting for their situation in life rather than making it a wonderful opportunity to experience.

Let me share a wonderful experience. I once met a famous writer. i asked him why do i have a block which does not allow me to write from my heart. he replied " writing is like painting" . a Painter does not paint a masterpiece at the first instance. Rather he paints everyday and one fine day he creates a masterpiece. This really touched my heart. It convinced me that one should not give up. Rather we should take up the struggle. I take this experience to our spiritual journey in this world. It is never stagnant. We have to go on without stopping. and one day we will reach our destination, that is the lotus feet of God. It is a process. It is a journey. It is an experience.

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  • Thanks to all of you for your generous comments. Please keep encouraging me always.
  • Jay! Amazing! I like the analogy.. writer is like a painter!!
  • Excellent. Thanks Mataji for sharing. Haribol!
  • Wat a lovely thought mataji.dandvat pranam for ths!hari bol
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