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Within Walking Distance We Talked by Bhaktimarga Swami

Within walking distance of Mayapura is the village of Sarasvat Gang, which is situated along the Jalangi River.  There my roommates, of Suite 505 of the Gada Building, and I were invited for lunch at Madan Gopal's.  Madan had asked several days ago, "What do you want on the menu?" That was gracious.
So, being in Bengal, I had requested neither their sweet delicacies, nor even rice, which is status quo for Bengalis, but some sakor bhaji, mixed cooked greens.  The chapatis were perfectly round, and as fordahl, the lentil soup, it was divine with it's mung base.  The only sweet permissible to my liking is some liquid—nimbhu pani,or lemon water with soda.
"Excellent, Madan, you killed us with your kindness."
It was so interesting, after the meal,  to delve into a topic on something which was already visited by a Russian, Dimitri, earlier today.  The topic was a discussion on envy/jealousy.  First of all, as far as I am concerned, they are synonyms.
"So what about this subject and what can I personally do with this issue?" was the question raised by one of the meal takers.
In brief, I offered a few points:  
Envy is the seed that brought us to this world of duality.  It is a recognition of opulence perceived in someone which is lacking in us.  It distances us from each other.  To overcome this we must attempt to close the gap through service—getting close.  You will realize that you created a monster out of you when there was no need. The object of envy is just human, like you or me.
May the Source be with you!


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